Scott Should Follow NJ and Treat Drug-Addicted Offenders

Scott should follow NJ and treat drug-addicted offenders

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Drugs are no more addictive here and dignity is worth no less. So you would think that a bipartisan approach to offering substance-abuse treatment and expanding justice reinvestment could save money, reduce crime and restore dignity in Florida, too. It …
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Study shows PTSD symptoms improve when substance abuse treatment added

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The common belief, they explain, has been that using the so-called "gold standard" of PTSD treatment might exacerbate substance abuse by resurfacing negative memories. Therefore, people with substance abuse and PTSD have commonly been excluded …
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Drug Abuse, Mental Illness And Co-Occurring Disorders Video – Drug Use and Mental Health; Target Audience Statement: Primary target audiences for this program will include law enforcement officials, drug prevention specialists, Drug-Free Communities Act grantees, administrators, school drug counselors, treatment providers, drug court members, policy makers, business leaders, coalition volunteers, drug demand reduction coordinators, criminal justice professionals, members of the religious community and other community partners who may be interested. This program is also suitable for Public Access television distribution. Program Summary And Objectives: “Millions of American today receive health care for mental or substance-use problems and illnesses. These conditions are the leading cause of combined disability and death of women and the second highest of men.” “Improving the Quality of health Care for Mental and Substance-Use Conditions,” Institute of Medicine Report, November 1, 2005; Studies are showing an alarming trend, incidents of mental illness related to drug use are on the rise. It’s unclear what came first, did a predisposition to mental illness lead to drug use, or is it the other way around? No matter what, co-occurring disorders are a problem. Especially in the wake of this year’s hurricanes and other disasters, mental health and substance abuse professionals need to be poised to provide additional care for those suffering serious mental trauma and who may turn to alcohol and drugs as a result. During this hour-long


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