Self-Denial in the Age of Self-Help

Self-Denial in the Age of Self-Help

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Christians mustn't give way to a life of random, impulsive decision-making, whether it's geared toward curing a personal addiction or ramping up something as innocent and well-meaning as helping those around us. Submitting to a smorgasbord of …
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Drug-Resistant Melanoma Cells Become 'Addicted' to Cancer Drugs and Shrink

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However, scientists recently discovered a way to take advantage of the cancer's "addiction" to vemurafenib. They found that adjusting the drug dosage and introducing an 'intermittent dosing' strategy or an on-again, off-again treatment schedule …
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Laughing thief asks for help with addiction at sentencing

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Dec. 21, 2012 8 p.m.. ADRIAN — An Adrian man who reportedly ran laughing from the Meijer store after grabbing cash from a register asked for help with a drug addiction at his sentencing Friday in Lenawee County Circuit Court. Robert Elliott Anderson …
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Davina intervention: Britain's most cheery presenter on overcoming addiction

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Are you scared your addictive side is just waiting for the right moment to pounce? Aha! You turned your back! Gotcha! "I have massive respect for that side of me, but I never take my guard down. I just don't want to go there again." But isn't it …
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14 Responses to Self-Denial in the Age of Self-Help

  • dominiquetheauthor says:

    Just so? long as you don’t put enough cream and sugar in to give yourself a heartattack

  • treeguyfly says:

    You forgot to mention coffee has many antioxidants that may? decrease the rate at which you age

  • Wanda Engquist says:

    How come Denmark, Finland and Norway all have the worst coffee ever consumed? Sweden (my homeland) should definitely be on that list! We have much better coffee, and consume just as? much, I should think.

  • Gameboob says:

    i sense? bias

  • KillaNinja0 says:


  • NaomiNoMiko says:

    I want a mocha? latte so bad now.

  • partlysunny dk says:

    And now, Some good news.? Coffee = good. x

  • ObservedFIREFLY says:

    caffeine can cause heart attacks, drinking? coffee doesnt usually lead to this problem though, its energy drinks which you should watch out for, drinking them daily is very bad for your heart

  • ZTserenity says:

    What a? relief. Guilt-free pleasure is the best.

  • Shajenthran Jeyanthan says:

    Random …?

  • RealProoductionCR7 says:

    @rmrgtaq Yup this website here is just sending out free Black Apple iPads for today only. You have to? be from the U.S though but it’s all real, I claimed my one a few minutes ago. Get in quick!

  • hukkelipukkeli says:

    YEY Finland? mentioned!

  • The5thStateOfMatter says:

    I also remember? hearing that we Finnish people are one of the biggest consumers of ice-cream per capita even though were pretty close to the arctic circle.

  • ZillardFunk says:

    Being a Mormon, I wished you talked about other ways to get caffeine, such as guarana juice, and the occasional soda pop, but idk the side effects for sodas. If you ever get the chance to read this comment, I would love if you could ponder? on it and respond to it. Thanks for your time.

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