SF Forum Takes Up Prescription Drug Addiction Issue

SF forum takes up prescription drug addiction issue

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(KGO) — Prescription drug abuse is fueling a San Francisco Bay Area crime wave. There has been a huge spike in pharmacy robberies including one on Tuesday at the A.G. Pharmacy in San Francisco. In all, there have been half a dozen robberies recently …
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End the war on drugs, advantageous for everyone

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According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the percentage of Americans using illegal drugs has remained stable from 2002–11. Over these nine years, illicit drug use increased only 0.4 percent, marijuana use rose 0.8 percent and both cocaine and …
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Prescription Drug Abuse – Just a video I made for a project in my health communications class. I hope it makes an impact. Credits to: drugabuse.gov Song: More Important Than Michael J…


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  • DrDownBrowns says:

    This is great. Really good. Who would dislike this? heh, anyway, i have one that I made on my? channel too.

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