Statistics.. Which Test Do I Use in This Situation? T Test?

Question by Vivian: Statistics.. which test do i use in this situation? t test?
a company wanted to test the effectiveness of this drug, which lowers cholesterol. before and after data was given to me so i could solve the effectiveness. 100 elderly men and women (50/50) from washington D.C. were tested in pre and post tests. one of the questions is “how effective is this drug in lowering overall cholesterol?”

the data consists of mg/dl, which is the unit for measuring cholesterol

i thought that a paired t-test would work… but now i’m not sure!

what do you think?

oh yeah.. it’s in excel

OMG YES.. there are two questions:

is this drug more effect with men than women?

is age a factor regarding the effectiveness?!

what test do i use for these two questions?

Best answer:

Answer by LioNiNoiL
if the data are normally-distibuted (check with a normality test) then a paired-sample t-test should answer the first (of the three) questions — whether the drug is effective — the mean cholesterol “after” is significantly less than that “before”.

provided the sample variances are equivalent, the second question (of the three) can be answered with a two-sample t-test: cholesterol decrease (“before” minus “after”) among men versus that among women.

again, if the data are normally-distibuted, the third question can also be answered with a paired-sample t-test of cholesterol decrease paired with age.

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