Still Proud of Republican Drug Addicts?

Question by up420oz: still proud of republican drug addicts?
Rehnquist drug dependency detailed
By PETE YOST, Associated Press
WASHINGTON – A physician at the U.S. Capitol prescribed a powerful sleep aid for William Rehnquist for nearly a decade while he was an associate justice of the Supreme Court, according to newly released FBI records.
The records present a picture of a justice with chronic back pain who for many months took three times the recommended dosage of the drug Placidyl and then went into withdrawal in 1981 when he abruptly stopped taking it.
Rehnquist checked himself into George Washington University Hospital, where he tried to escape in his pajamas and imagined that the CIA was plotting against him, the records indicate.

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Answer by xenypoo
Liberals are the drug addicts. Remember Vietnam? Peace, love and drugs were their way of life, and still is! (You can tell when you see who they voted for).

Answer by TYF
I see YOU have no problem with violations of people’s “right to privacy.”

Aside from spilling this guy’s medical information, I don’t see what point you have to make.

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