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Special Prosecutor to Join Investigation of Clark County Drug Court

Special prosecutor to join investigation of Clark County drug court
WHAS11 News has learned a special prosecutor will join the investigation of Clark County’s drug court. WHAS11 News has learned a special prosecutor will join…


Brother With a Serious Drug Problem?

Question by flower: Brother with a serious drug problem?
My brother is addicted to crack? He also have a mental problem at well. He is constantly in and out of jail on theft charges to support his habit. The judge… Continue reading

70 Million Americans Taking Mind-Altering Drugs – WND.com

70 million Americans taking mind-altering drugs – WND.com

70 million Americans taking mind-altering drugs
1, flat-out legalization took center stage, when Colorado and Washington opened their doors to exhilarated pot-smokers, while numerous other states – from Alaska, Oregon and… Continue reading

Program Sounds Warning on Area Drug Addiction

Program sounds warning on area drug addiction
While law enforcement and medical professionals are doing their best to address the damage done by drug addiction and abuse in Athens County, according to Sheriff Pat Kelly, they could use some help… Continue reading

Yes, Willpower Is the Only Way to Beat It, but That DOESN’T Mean Addiction Is Fiction: Doctor’s Response to Peter Hitchens’s TV Showdown With Friends Star Over Drugs

Yes, willpower is the only way to beat it, but that DOESN’T mean addiction is fiction: Doctor’s response to Peter Hitchens’s TV showdown with Friends star over drugs
The short item on drug courts – the suggestion by a Government… Continue reading

Ashley Reeb: Long Sentences Fail to Address Causes of Drug Abuse

Ashley Reeb: Long sentences fail to address causes of drug abuse
However, drug offenders across Florida have already shown benefit from rehabilitation programs. A U.S. Department of Justice report shows that putting offenders through drug court, a court ordered rehabilitation,… Continue reading