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Charlotte NC Alcohol Rehab Call (888) 444-9143 Alcohol Rehab Center Charlotte North Carolina

Charlotte NC Alcohol Rehab Call (888) 444-9143 Alcohol Rehab Center Charlotte North Carolina Call (888) 444-9143 for Alcohol Rehab Centers Now 24/7 Help Discovering The Ideal Alcohol and drug Rehabilitation Centers The…


How Many Hours of Community Services Do You Get for Mistakenly Filing a False Police Report??

Question by nftf05: How many hours of community services do you get for mistakenly filing a false police report??
the officer didnt want to give me the citation its my first offense and i filed the report cuz i lost… Continue reading

My Wife’s Life Is in Danger She Using Crack Into Prostitution and Stealing. I Wont Leave Her I Married Her For?

Question by Dave: my wife’s life is in danger she using crack into prostitution and stealing. i wont leave her i married her for?
better or for worse. we have 3 wonderful kids and my 4yr daughter misses her mommy.… Continue reading

Need Advice for Treatment,Due to Drug abuse.need Local Treatment Centers Who Treat Withdrawl Symtoms Wilm N.c.

Question by JERRY J: need advice for treatment,due to drug abuse.need local treatment centers who treat withdrawl symtoms wilm n.c.

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Answer by tpvs33
Contact the people at the link below. They offer free consultation and can answer any… Continue reading

High School’s Around the World?

Question by love you: high school’s around the world?
i think it would be cool.. if everone from all around the world would say what there highschool is like, how many kids, what your schedule is like, what the fashion… Continue reading

Governors Offer Bipartisan Disdain for D.C. Dysfunction

Governors offer bipartisan disdain for D.C. dysfunction
After a year of Washington politics defined more by gridlock than by progress, the nation’s governors arrived in D.C. this weekend for their annual conference with a timely message for the federal government:… Continue reading