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How Is a Drug Rehab? (Therapy)?

Question by : How is a drug rehab? (therapy)?
I needn’t you to know details, but i’ve been having drug problems, (cocaine and alcohol) and I’ve just accept i’m trouble, I just want to know how a therapy is, you… Continue reading

Three People Linked in Death by Heroin, a Longtime DC Drug Dealer and an … – Washington Post

Three people linked in death by heroin, a longtime DC drug dealer and an … – Washington Post

Bay Area Alcohol in-Patient Rehab Options?

Question by mikeyb: Bay Area Alcohol In-Patient Rehab Options?
Hi Folks. I need your help. My sister is an alcoholic and my family and I feel it would be best for her to commit to an in-patient rehab program. She’s… Continue reading

Looking for Meth Rehab San Francisco? Watch This!

Looking for meth rehab San Francisco? Watch this!
If you need meth rehab near San Francisco, we can help. For mental health try our meth rehab near San Francisco. Our centers specialize in dual diagnosis for…


How Many Aids Deaths in Usa in 2005?

Question by rjsandpas: how many aids deaths in usa in 2005?

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Answer by Whispers of the Winds
Check out the aids epidemic update link below…

2005} Adult and child deaths due to AIDS: 30 000 [19 000–42 000]… Continue reading

Washington D.C. Is Still ‘America’s Most Literate City’

Washington D.C. is still ‘America’s most literate city’
It’s our annual excuse to feel superior to San Francisco. For the fourth year in a row, the nation’s capital has been named the most literate city in America. The list is… Continue reading