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Should Convicted Rapists Be Allowed to Live in a Halfway House for Recovering Addicts?

Question by ??????? Mrs. Moses ???????: Should convicted rapists be allowed to live in a halfway house for recovering addicts?
A close male member of my immediate family currently lives in a halfway house, after completing a 28-day drug addiction… Continue reading

How Would I Report Confirmed Sexual Abuse of a 7 Year Old Girl?

Question by potlock420: How would I report confirmed sexual abuse of a 7 year old girl?
Today I called my ex only to find out what had happened a couple of hours earlier. She told me that her brother Brad… Continue reading

Do You Think Marijuana Should Be Legal or Illegal?

Question by carrrleeyy;*: do you think marijuana should be legal or illegal?
tell me why you think it should be legal or illegal.

i think it should be legal because who would it hurt? its our choice, if we wanna… Continue reading