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How Much Does It Cost to Go Into Drug Rehab?

Question by DeadDeadDead: how much does it cost to go into drug rehab?

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Answer by frank
ain’t too cheap. I worked at one in Anchorage, alaska and I wanna say a day in detox was about 165 and… Continue reading

What Should a CNA Working at a Drug Rehab Center Expect?

Question by …: What should a CNA working at a drug rehab center expect?
I just applied to be a part-time CNA at a substance abuse treatment center, but my clinical rotation took place in a nursing home, and… Continue reading

Suspect in Pittsburgh Police Shooting Escaped Halfway House

Suspect in Pittsburgh police shooting escaped halfway house

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He had previously entered guilty pleas on illegal gun possession and drug charges. The fact a violent offender like … Nancy Lewis, spokeswoman for Gateway Rehabilitation,… Continue reading

Kayana Szymczak for the Boston Globe

Kayana Szymczak for the Boston Globe

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Meanwhile, the state's public health department has until May 1 to draft regulations covering the law's provisions, including who gets licensed to grow and sell the… Continue reading

Why Do the Most Liberal Cities, With the Most Government Programs, Have the Worst Crime and Social Problems?

Question by gary g: Why do the most liberal cities, with the most government programs, have the worst crime and social problems?
Liberal cities like San Francisco and New Orleans have the worst crime rates and the worst social… Continue reading

Hasn’t Socialism Been Present in the US for a Long Time…?

Question by Nina: Hasn’t Socialism been present in the US for a long time…?
In the following forms:

•Social Security
•State Children’s Health Insurance Programs (SCHIP)
•Police, Fire, and Emergency Services
•Roads and Highways
•Air Travel (regulated by… Continue reading