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Can a Child Be Placed in Different State Foster Home?

Question by Aaron S: Can a child be placed in different state foster home?
A child was taken from mother in one state while the mother was visiting a rehab center. They were at a motel for one night and… Continue reading

Social Work or Counseling?

Question by Jillian: Social Work or Counseling?
I am trying to decide what master’s degree to pursue. I am currently a teacher in elementary and special education, but I do not have a full time position due to lay-offs and… Continue reading

How to Give Up Parental Rights to an Adopted Child?

Question by ”Camera~Ready”: How to give up parental rights to an adopted child?
Here’s the thing, my parents adopted my little brother about 8yrs ago, he was placed with us as a kid because my mom was a foster parent.… Continue reading

Job as a Social Worker?

Question by Vee: Job as a Social Worker?
I’m currently a psychology major, but I really think I want to be a social worker instead of a psychologist.
Is that a good idea? Which job is there a better chance… Continue reading

When It Comes to the Truth About Drug Addiction, Scientists Are ‘Breaking Bad’

When It Comes To The Truth About Drug Addiction, Scientists Are ‘Breaking Bad’
Kudos to The New York Times for reporting, perhaps for the first time, that large scientific communities may not tell the whole truth when pursuing your tax… Continue reading

Is a Human Services Associate Degree Even Worthwhile?

Question by Gottcha: Is A Human Services Associate Degree even Worthwhile?
I’ve had previous experience counseling adolescents sometime ago within a small AODA treatment center. Now am thinking about going back into this field after obtaining an associates degree in… Continue reading