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I’m in Ellsworth, Maine, and I Want to Find Drug Rehabs. Any Ideas on How I Can Do This?

Question by allegra f: I’m in Ellsworth, Maine, and I want to find drug rehabs. Any ideas on how I can do this?
This is for a special project I’m doing. I need to find drug rehabs and maybe just… Continue reading

Colorado Recall Efforts Get Ugly Ahead of Key Ruling

Colorado recall efforts get ugly ahead of key ruling

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Recall efforts against two Colorado Democrats are reaching a fever pitch ahead of an expected ruling on Wednesday on whether a petition recalling Senate President… Continue reading

How Am I Going to Find Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Pennsville, New Jersey?

Question by camilla a: How am I going to find substance abuse treatment centers in Pennsville, New Jersey?
I’ve decided to do a research on various cases of prescription drug abuse. This is for a special project on a… Continue reading

How Will I Know Info About the Drug Rehabs in San Angelo, Texas?

Question by brisa ll: How will I know info about the drug rehabs in San Angelo, Texas?
I have to get information on this for one of my classes. I’m not doing very good in that class and thus… Continue reading

I Have to Find Addiction Treatment Centers in Webster, Texas. How?

Question by ada de: I have to find addiction treatment centers in Webster, Texas. How?
I need to get information from them regarding drug abuse and alcoholism. This is for a special project of mine. Any ideas on how… Continue reading

Palm Beach County Pushing for More Drug Court Money

Palm Beach County pushing for more Drug Court money

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Under the program, drug users can get drug testing, individual and family counseling and follow-up care aimed at helping people get off drugs and avoid… Continue reading