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Do You Think Antidepressants Are Good?

Question by Scottie: do you think antidepressants are good?
I dont have personal experience with taking them, so im not sure if they work as they are suppose to

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Answer by Christo-fur
sure, if you want drugs… Continue reading

Five New Bakar Fellows Pursue Path to Marketplace

Five new Bakar Fellows pursue path to marketplace

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Daniela Kaufer, associate professor of integrative biology and a member of the Berkeley Stem Cell Center, is focused on a way to prevent epilepsy in… Continue reading

Revolutionary Treatment Begins

Revolutionary treatment begins

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On Tuesday (April 23) doctors at the University of Minnesota Amplatz Children's Hospital infused the cord blood into a boy who has traveled a long distance for this new treatment. The… Continue reading

The Shocking Cost of Your Child's ADHD – the Fiscal Times

The Shocking Cost of Your Child's ADHD – The Fiscal Times

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… of children being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, has increased 53 percent in the past decade, and today,… Continue reading

Couture-Lovelady: Legislative Update

Couture-Lovelady: Legislative Update

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This center would focus on scientific advances for adult, cord blood and related stem cell and non-embryonic stem cell research, and therapies for patient treatments. This facility will also … This… Continue reading

RegMed Sector Sags in a Down Market With No Volume

RegMed Sector sags in a down market with no volume

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… by the targeted killing of cancer stem cells, announced the presentation of preclinical data at the American Association for Cancer Research annual… Continue reading