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Substance Abuse Counselor Assistant Job Help!!! PLEASE?

Question by Crystal: Substance abuse counselor assistant job help!!! PLEASE?
I am a student who is majoring in psychology with an concentration in substance abuse. I have a half a year left before I complete my BA and I am… Continue reading

Are Their Any Jobs in Drugs?

Question by Darek: Are their any jobs in Drugs?
Well bassicaly I have been interested in drugs since around the time I did my first drug. Marijuana. Alchahol.. and so on.. Its not just experiencing there effects, its just the… Continue reading

How Much Does a Counselor Make Yearly?

Question by Moon: How much does a counselor make yearly?
I’m really into psychology and I’ve been trying to google how much a counselor makes a year. I know there are a bunch of different counselors and I kind of… Continue reading

Interview With Substance Abuse Counselor, Errol Rodriguez, PhD

Interview with Substance Abuse Counselor, Errol Rodriguez, PhD interview with psychologist, Errol Rodriguez who specializes in treating alcohol and substance abuse. In his interview, he talks …


How to Become a Substance Abuse Counselor

How to become a substance abuse counselor
There are many professions to choose from for those who like to contribute to society. Counseling, disaster management, child abuse….the list is long and e…


Become a Substance Abuse Counselor in Maine

Become A Substance Abuse Counselor In Maine
This video is a SLIDESHOW OF CAPTIONS, read to you by educationrobot 🙂 If you still need more info, at the end of this video you’ll find links to more relat…