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Are Their Any Jobs in Drugs?

Question by Darek: Are their any jobs in Drugs?
Well bassicaly I have been interested in drugs since around the time I did my first drug. Marijuana. Alchahol.. and so on.. Its not just experiencing there effects, its just the… Continue reading

How Much Does a Counselor Make Yearly?

Question by Moon: How much does a counselor make yearly?
I’m really into psychology and I’ve been trying to google how much a counselor makes a year. I know there are a bunch of different counselors and I kind of… Continue reading

What Are Some Job Careers That Help Get People Off Drugs?

Question by meeeeeee: What are some job careers that help get people off drugs?
I want to save peoples lives by getting them off drugs. what are my career options?

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Answer by Dochallcom, PhD
America-along with many… Continue reading

Parents Need to Stay Involved to Keep Down Teen Substance Abuse

Parents need to stay involved to keep down teen substance abuse

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Although there is no failproof way to keep your children off drugs, early action by parents and involvement in the community can help curb… Continue reading

What Are Some Career Alternatives for Social Work?

Question by chikeymonky: What are some career alternatives for social work?
I have a BA in Social Work and minored in Psychology. Currently, I work in the training/education field. Can anyone suggest other career opportunties?

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Answer by… Continue reading

What Do You Think of These Passages?

Question by Mama Bear: What do you think of these passages?
My husband and I were cleaning our house today and i found one of the booklets that i got um, I think this one is from the Pregnancy… Continue reading