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What Degrees Do I Need to Get to Work in Rehab/addiction?

Question by : What degrees do I need to get to work in rehab/addiction?
I am going to be a freshman in college this fall. I want to help people with addiction in rehab but I’m not sure how I… Continue reading

Drug Use Help for My Daughter?

Question by Helpinglife: Drug use help for my daughter?
My oldest daughter (17) has been trying to experiment with drugs for the past few months. I’ve noticed when she is home alone certain inhalant objects seem to disappear into her… Continue reading

Show Peddlers Visuals of How Drug Addicts Suffer, Says Court – Indian Express

Show peddlers visuals of how drug addicts suffer, says court – Indian Express

Show peddlers visuals of how drug addicts suffer, says court
Indian Express
Stressing the need to sensitise convicted drug peddlers, a city court on Friday suggested that… Continue reading

What Kind of Job Can You Get Working at a Rehab Center?

Question by Adrianna Gabriella j: What kind of Job can you get working at a rehab center?
I’ve always been fascinated with drugs that people get addicted too, and the people who are hooked on them. I’ve always wanted to… Continue reading

Are You Enabling Someone With a Substance Abuse Problem? –

Are You Enabling Someone With A Substance Abuse Problem? –
Judy Saalinger, Co-Founder and Executive Director of San Diego’s premier alcohol and drug addiction treatment center Lasting Recovery, discusses “Are You Ena…


If You Have Ever Volunteered at a Rehab Center What Kind of Things Did You Do?

Question by *Michelle*: If you have ever volunteered at a rehab center what kind of things did you do?
Or even if you haven’t can you tell me what kind of stuff they have you do when you volunteer at… Continue reading