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How Serious Is a Juvenile Drug Paraphernalia Charge?

Question by Coltin: How serious is a juvenile drug paraphernalia charge?
Last night me and a friend were by some baseball fields getting ready to smoke pot. My friend started packing a bowl and hit it and handed it to… Continue reading

My Friend Needs Help in Finding Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Weehawken, New Jersey…?

Question by cali r: My friend needs help in finding substance abuse treatment centers in Weehawken, New Jersey…?
and I would really like to help her. Also, how will she know which treatment center would be right for her mom… Continue reading

Does Anyone Know of Free Drug Rehab Programs?

Question by i love my son: does anyone know of free drug rehab programs?

My family member is a 24 year old female who lives in Washington state. She is addicted to meth,

Best answer:

Answer by Phil
In my… Continue reading

Can Someone Who Works or Worked at a Hospital Help Answer a Question About Drug Detoxing?

Question by jessica: Can someone who works or worked at a hospital help answer a question about drug detoxing?
My boyfriend is a heroin addict. He finally is ready to get help. He had a scare when he had to… Continue reading

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers Michigan

substance abuse treatment centers michigan
substance abuse treatment centers michigan- For Free Help Call 1-313-822-6940 substance abuse treatment centers substance abuse treatment michigan substance …


Can Somebody Please Tell Me How I’m Going to Find Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Dilley, Texas?

Question by bayleigh lw: Can somebody please tell me how I’m going to find substance abuse treatment centers in Dilley, Texas?
I have a friend who is addicted to Ambien. At first she thought it was ok because it’s a… Continue reading