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Prayer for Drug Addicts…?

Question by MAX CADY: Prayer for drug addicts…?
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Why did so many people tell this girl to PRAY for a drug addict and none of them mentioned DRUG TREATMENT??

Shouldn’t this person see a… Continue reading

Why Do Christian Drug Rehabs Boast an 80% Success Rate, When Secular Drug Rehabs Boast Less Than 5%?

Question by Todd ex-atheist: Why do Christian drug rehabs boast an 80% success rate, when secular drug rehabs boast less than 5%?

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Answer by Trish JPA and Jewish Pastafarian
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Roughly What % of People Will Relapse Within a Year From an Inpatient Drug Rehab Program?

Question by Joe: Roughly what % of people will relapse within a year from an inpatient drug rehab program?

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Answer by raysny
12step rehabs have a slightly higher success rate than “free” AA, and they have about a… Continue reading

Financial Aid for Drug Rehabs?

Question by PragerGirl: Financial aid for drug rehabs?
I have a friend who seriously needs to get into a rehab clinic, but he has no insurance. Do you know of any programs that offer assistance in paying for the rehab.… Continue reading

What Are the %’S of People Who Return to Drugs After Rehabilitation?

Question by rdmnboon: What are the %’s of people who return to drugs after rehabilitation?
I am writing an Essay for this one subject and I want to involve some percentages… What are the percentages of people who return to… Continue reading

What Are Some Good Drug Rehabs for Teens?

Question by Sarah: What are some good Drug Rehabs for teens?
I’m looking for a rehab for myself to over come my psychological addiction to marijuana. I’m a 16 year old girl. I’m looking for a really nice rehab that… Continue reading