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Is to Write Love on Her Arms a Christian Organzation?

Question by ImASureThing: Is To Write Love On Her Arms a christian organzation? I was just wondering becuase i love ther shirts and i think its a great cuase but i was wondering if its a christian organzation Best answer:… Continue reading

Where Can I Look Up Drug Rehab Programs in Virginia?

Question by capoeirakid: Where can I look up drug rehab programs in Virginia? Okay, so my mom and her friend are starting a lfe coaching business. I’m going to help them by finding programs such as rehabs, support groups, charities,… Continue reading


...  minor problems, such as anxiety, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, headaches, nausea, and troubled sleeping. It is much safer to go through detox at a professional rehabilitation facility. Going through the detox process at your parent’s house really sucks, especially… Continue reading

Teenage Drug Abuse?

...  that the reason most people fail to be able to stop hard drugs like Heroin or prescription narcotic pain relievers is the sickness and pain of withdrawal. This drug is called Ibogaine. It is banned in only three countries… Continue reading

How Can I Become Drug Free?

Question by : How can i become Drug Free? I am having a bad habit of the drug addiction and i want to quit but how..please help me out and can you explain this step )- Understand drugs and situations… Continue reading

Drug Addiction?

Question by ldytinker: Drug addiction? My daughter is 24 years old. I have guardianship of three of her 4 children. I ahve seen her go deep into meth and depression and come back. She lives in my home and wont… Continue reading