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Drug Rehab?

Question by Deborah H: drug rehab?
does anyone know of a drug rehab around the tampa bay area that will help someone for free?

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Answer by HK3738
you could try the local health department, a local physicians office… Continue reading

More Medical Help, Education, Needed for Painkiller Addiction

More medical help, education, needed for painkiller addiction

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The B.C. Coroners Service's preliminary report is another indicator of how serious our province's prescription painkiller addiction problem has become. The fact that use and… Continue reading

Dempsey Turns to Congress for 'Game Changer' on Sexual Assault

Dempsey Turns to Congress for 'Game Changer' on Sexual Assault

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"I remember in my early days in the Army when racial issues and drug abuse tore at the fabric of our service," Dempsey said. "The… Continue reading

New TN Prescription Drug Law Rings in New Year

New TN prescription drug law rings in New Year

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Tennessee rings in the New Year with a new law aimed at putting a dent in doctor-shopping and prescription drug abuse. … The law requires… Continue reading