The New York Times Is Dead Wrong About Drug Addiction

The New York Times is dead wrong about drug addiction
Her politically correct language conceding that addiction is a “disease” is belied by descriptions of patients “cheating” on their treatment — um, we call it “relapsing … profiling a homeless girl named Dasani living with … drug addiction – Bing News

A Pill to Cure Addiction?
New research is identifying the molecular reasons why alcohol and drug habits are so difficult to break, which could point the way to new medicines to help addicts go cold turkey. Scientists have known for years how heavy use of alcohol and … drug addiction – Bing News

B.C. struggles to treat severely mentally ill drug addicts
Imagine this: Every day … stimulant addiction and who appear to be responsible for random violent acts on Vancouver’s streets. Dr. Nader Sharifi, addiction medicine lead with the Fraser Health Authority, said there are few good treatment options for … drug addiction – Bing News