The New York Times Is Dead Wrong About Drug Addiction

The New York Times is dead wrong about drug addiction
Though Sontag may say that buprenorphine is “dope,” there are crucial differences between the two in ways that matter to the people actually involved … d have to consider all diabetics as “insulin addicts” and people who need antidepre … drug addiction – Bing News

A Pill to Cure Addiction?
Scientists have known for years how heavy use of alcohol and drugs works on reward centers in the brain to drive dependence … and makes it difficult to stop,” says Barbara Mason, co-director of the Pearson Center for Alcoholism and Addiction … drug addiction – Bing News

B.C. struggles to treat severely mentally ill drug addicts
Such are the hallucinations and paranoia felt by those with a stimulant drug addiction. Sometimes the substance abuse is so severe it causes neurological damage and psychosis becomes a chronic condition. Combine untreated addiction with homelessness and … drug addiction – Bing News

PETER HITCHENS: My TV clash with Matthew Perry and why I was right to challenge this cosseted Hollywood star’s demands (and why his ‘drug addiction’ is no more real than …
Hollywood royalty is much more regal than the real thing. I’ve met prime ministers with smaller retinues than the one that trails after Matthew Perry, who used to be Chandler in the TV series Friends. He and his entourage were given a … drug addiction – Bing News