'Walmart of Weed' Opening Store in Washington, DC

'Walmart of weed' opening store in Washington, DC

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Although federal law outlaws the cultivation, sale or use of marijuana, 16 states and the District of Columbia have legalized its medical use to treat a wide range of issues from anxiety and back pain to HIV/AIDS and cancer-related ailments.
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Pot Under Fire

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During the past year, there's been a growing federal push to undercut medical marijuana laws in states including Washington, Montana, California and Colorado. A key turning point was a June 2011 Justice Department memo that prosecutors have used as …
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Kidney Care Reports Don't Line Up with Care Billed by Physicians

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Newswise — Washington, DC (April 19, 2012) — Information on a mandatory Medicare form meant to help officials assess the quality of care provided to older kidney disease patients is poorly representative of the actual care billed by physicians, …
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