What Are Some in-House Drug Rehab Faccilaties in Texas??

Question by solly: what are some in-house drug rehab faccilaties in Texas??
This is for my brother who is going to come up for hearing sometime soon(date has not yet been set).
I need a good in-house drug rehab faccility for him to go to to keep him clean and safe before his court date.
I’m not sure but we beleive he’s doing weed, speed, ice, and maybe meth.
And somethign more strict would be better in order to keep him in place.
I would greatly appreciate any reccomendations i get.
thank you

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Answer by morgancutie
Serenity Foundation System Drug & Alcohol Rehab. They have two locations in Texas. Look for them on line, and good luck.

Answer by vpenndragon_2003
Gatehouse Academy:
Offers the opportunity for young adults age 17-25 to learn life skills, continue formalized education, enhance physical well-being, and recover from the detrimental effects of chemical dependency. Our initial three month “intensive ranch” program sets the foundation for young adults to begin their recovery.

Unlocking Potential Through:

Recovery: …12-step drug and alcohol recovery;
Education: ..High school and college academics;
Therapy: ……Therapy and psychiatric support;
Motivation: ..Life skills training;
Discipline: …Recreation includes yoga, karate and more;
Gatehouse Academy is sought out by young adults seeking drug rehab, drug treatment, extended care, sober living or halfway house, coming out of wilderness programs, primary drug treatment programs or who have made poor choices due to involvement with drugs and alcohol. In some cases the young adults are dually diagnosed or have been involved with the legal system and need a long-term program.
Phone: 1-888-966-4800

Clear Haven Center:

Christian Treatment Centers In CA
http://christianaddictionnetwork.com/ – Our Christian rehab programs offer faith-based services for the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. Our programs…