What Are Some Treatments for Drug Abuse?

Question by : what are some treatments for drug abuse?
and will they get better? how long will it take?
Plz list them!

Thanks this is for a big psychology project

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Valiant Recovery Now Offers Affordable Gold Standard Program as Well as

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Valiant Recovery CEO Royce Dockrill saw a need for lower cost substance abuse treatment that actually works. The Gold Standard program was designed to meet this need and help individuals fully recover from addiction while lowering the relapse risks …
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Every Drug Overdose Is Preventable

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Prevention efforts do not always succeed, so we must make sure treatment is available when a substance use disorder develops. President Obama did exactly that by signing the Affordable Care Act, which includes substance use disorders as one of the ten …
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City Awarded 5K Funding for Five Year Drug-Free Community Grant

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“The driving forces of substance abuse prevention are the local community prevention and treatment programs that engage youth and their families in every facet of their lives – home, school, places of worship, health care settings, playgrounds, and …
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