What Are the Symptoms of Codeine Addiction?

Question by jakey: What are the symptoms of codeine addiction?
My friend Peter is secretly abusing drugs. I discovered his addiction last Friday. I know it’s wrong and I want to put a stop into it. I really want to help him get over his hobby. The only problem is, I don’t know the drug that he’s been taking. All I know is the symptoms he’s been experiencing. I have a feeling that he’s taking codeine but I’m not really sure. Can anyone tell me the symptoms of codeine addiction that I have to take note of? Thanks.

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Answer by kelly
People addicted to contain usually feels dizzy and weak. They may also experience constipation, decreased urination, confusion, nausea and euphoria. Codeine also relieves pain. They also have low and week breathing and sexual drives and have cold and sweaty skin. They also itch a lot. Some cases of codeine addiction even leads to unconsciousness, comatose or even death. Tell your parents or his parents about your recent discovery. Help your friend Peter. He’s better off without drugs.

Answer by JAMES A N
Simply ask Peter which drug he has been using. From there, you can determine what the correct situation is and how severe his drug abuse is. As for codeine usage, I do not know much about symptoms of codeine addiction, but I know a website with great information on codeine, including addiction. http://www.erowid.org/pharms/codeine/