What Is Drug Rehab Like?

Question by irishfirefighter762: What is drug rehab like?
My to be x-wife is going for an intake interview at an inpatient rehab. What is rehab like? Will she be able to make phone calls? Dose it take long to find a bed? Do you usually go to a halfway house after? If you have any exspeances with this please let me know I just would like to know what she is headed in to.

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Answer by Ian S
check out this handy fact sheet if you like


hope it goes ok

Answer by Jade I
Yes a rehab I have been to over 7 in my life for alcohol. A rehab is where someone goes to get off drugs/alcohol. It is a safe setting to work with a team of highly educated Dr’s and staff. There are groups throughout the day. rehabs deal with other stuff to besides the drugs/alcohol. Like depression,eating disorders, PTSD, bio-polar disorder etc. depending on the rehab they can give out medications.
When you say that she is going for an interview that means that she will sit down with someone at the rehab and discuss what her issues are. They will make the decision if she would fit in their program..(if she needs treatment or not) Yes she will be able to call you and see you. Most rehabs have a 2 week policy of no phone calls/visitation rule. ( to let the patient focus on the program.) About the bed Sometimes there is a waiting list for a bed but the rehab will give her a time frame on how long.
A normal day at a rehab is wake up at 6:30am . Morning meditation, a room with other people. Lasts like 15 minutes. then breakfast @7:30am. First group is at 9 am. last anywhere from 1 hr-1- 1/2.hr Then there is a small break then you do this through out the entire day. Sometimes depending on where she is going there will be free time in the afternoon or Art therapy. She is most likely going to an AA/NA program. They go to outside meetings. and revolve their stay around Alcholic and Narcotics Anomymous . They have a Big book where they will read passages from a book. they will work the 12 steps. The first step is “To admit that we are powerless over Drugs/alchol. “And that our lives have become unmanagable”
About the half way house: It is not Necessary for eveyone. But depending on who she is and what has occured. The rehab will make that decission at the end of her program. Most rehabs last anywhere from 1 month to 3.
Don’t worry about her if she is in a rehab she will be safe and supported.. And be in a healthy environment. Just stand by her and support her