What’s It Like in Drug Rehab?

Question by Michael Jackson FANNY!: What’s it like in drug rehab?
I live in Chicago Illinois and was wondering what is was like to be in a drug rehab? I would like to go to one. Are there any free ones? Drug of choice is heroin.

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Answer by mario
wow…that’s a big one…i don’t know about a free clinic…i think most rehabs want insurance..

Answer by LECTERâ„¢
I don’t know about free. I have the same DOC, and here’s what I liked and didn’t like about where I went. Hopefully it’ll give you an idea of what to look for.
I was in a lock-down facility, which I would highly recommed because you’ll feel like hell once you start to detox and want to run out of there and go get high. Find a place that has a detox program; this means they can offer medication to help ease your withdrawl. What I didn’t like about where I went was that everyone there had a different drug of choice. Because of that, we could never focus on the issues that come with being a junkie specifically. Therefore, try to find a place that focuses mainly on opiate addiction.
Best of luck to you, heroin is a horrible drug as I’m sure you know. Hope this helped.