What’s the Point of Going to Rehab if Over 80% of the Addicts Return to Their Addictions?

Question by QueenServilla: What’s the point of going to rehab if over 80% of the addicts return to their addictions?
I had a very bad cold so that I had the opportunity to watch A&E’s Intevention. Over 80% if not 90% of the addicts return to their addiction after they left rehab.

I’m beginning to wonder if rehab only works if the addicts admits themselves, not forced into going…

I placed this question in Mental Health, because from what I watched, ALL of the addicts had mental issues. Everything from child molestation to mental/physical abuse

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Answer by Tamaralynn B
But it still helps 10 – 20 percent – which is better than 0. 🙂

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