Why Can’t School Be Run Like a 9-5 Job, Monday Through Friday With a Two Week yearly(Summer) Vacation?

Question by joojoobee: Why can’t School be run like a 9-5 job, Monday through Friday with a two week yearly(Summer) vacation?
I think it would prepare kids how the real world works, get them through school faster by having a year-round education and eliminate(For some parents ) the “Latch-key child”All Academic (Math, Science, History, etc, Monday through Friday. Extra curricular activities ( Phys.ed. Band etc., if the parent/child choose to(at their expense) ;can be done on weekends, and Eliminate all (Just- to -get -a -three- day- weekend -holidays) have a 1 Week winter break in Winter , 2 weeks in Summer. I think having a more regimented schedule will make families stronger and Parents should be given preferencial treatment to the 9a-5p mon-Fri jobs so the whole family can be together after school and work. Kids would be supervised and not have time to get into gangs, drugs, or other unsavory predicaments. I see so much lax in the current U.S system and when a high School Graduate(living in Wa. State all her life) asks me “Do I live in Washington State or Washington D.C ?” it is time to buckle down
I wasn’t able to fit all I had to say in the limited space in the original question, but I wish to add that since a monday through friday 9-5p schedule would mean more instruction time at school, Homework would be eliminated, more time could be added to individual children until the material was understood not just memorized for a moment to satisfy a test then forgotten forever.
As a Child I liked school, and thought the vacations were long and drawn out, I liked to be with my friends at school in an environment that I was a part of a group/team, on a three month vacation when nearly all my friends lived too far away or at camp/vacation, I was pretty lonely and bored and longed for the routine to start, but then again, This is just my experience but a lot of kids go through the withdrawl of their routine being upset and some don’t get to see their friends they made at school during summer, It may be impossible to change our system, I just wanted to get input what others thought.

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Answer by momofukuando
In Europe, school sessions are Mon -Sat and in session all year round!
with winter, summer,spring breaks!

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