Will the Supreme Court Overturn Arizona’s New Law, With No Alternative Solution?

Question by : Will the Supreme Court overturn Arizona’s new law, with no alternative solution?
This is a political question that wants political answers, not a rant. Answers that rant, are racist, or hateful WILL be reported for abuse. I ALWAYS award best answer. I am looking for serious discourse. Please give suggestions as I may E-mail this to the Obama administration. Answers could make a political difference.

This is a long question; I will read long answers.

The new law in Arizona is a response to desperation. People in Arizona, especially near the border of Mexico are living in a war zone. Sure, the common illegal immigrant who resides in America taking less than minimum wage and paying no taxes is a problem, but they are not dangerous. The illegals who are trafficking them in are. When the new illegal immigrants arrive and are turned loose, they are hungry. They slaughter livestock for food. They steal expensive bags of molasses sweetened grain for food. This is not an occasional random act. It happens over and over and over. Dogs meant to protect targeted livestock and goods are killed. People trying to protect their property get shot at. Desperate people take desperate measures. The drug cartel are even worse. And now local police forces are charged with targeting these dangerous people.
If the drug cartel problem comes under the “War on Drugs” then why aren’t the military handling this? Wouldn’t the National Guard be far better prepared to deal with armed soldiers trafficking drugs? Trafficking humans? The citizens of Arizona are under attack from another country. Isn’t this a form of terrorism? Shouldn’t the military be there as part of the “War on Terrorism”? Arizona is desperate and the Obama administration doesn’t get this. If this new legislation in Arizona is going to be overturned by a Supreme Court that I’m frankly concerned about not getting the whole picture, then shouldn’t the Obama administration give an alternative solution that will actually bring real help to the border states of Mexico?
Oh, I understand that we need to have good relations with our neighbor to the south. But if that neighbor’s government is not willing to step up their efforts to protect us, how far are we willing to go to not offend them, while our citizens are being stolen from, and shot at?
How well can we trust a Supreme Court with a “wise Latina woman” who may have allegiances to her heritage, not understanding the full picture of what our border states are suffering? How do we bring the desperation of the situation to the attention of Washington D.C.? Do the citizens of the border states need to have a March on Washington, and foul things up there for members of Congress? Go in and lobby like mad? I don’t know…
I do know that I am not racist. I, while not happy with the illegal immigrants that come here and use our services without paying taxes, understand that they are trying to better their lives, and the lives of their families. I have compassion for their situation, and there are no quick and easy answers for that. It’s the traffickers of drugs and humans that we need to deal with immediately. It’s the ones resorting to violent crime when they get here that we have to deal with right now. But what is an appropriate solution without putting local police forces in danger?
What can be done, that is reasonable?

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Answer by JR
it’s dictatorship

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