Will You Help Save This Man?

Question by Paul: Will you help save this man?
James Willson is a retired pilot. He saw a Festival that was being held at an airport in Spain . While at the airport James Willson met the pilot of a Cessna 337 whose boss wanted him to familiarize himself with this airplane. Having just met James Willson and finding out that he was a retired pilot he figured that he would ask James Willson if he would like to take a tour of the area in the morning. This way the pilot thought that having someone with flying experience would be very reassuring. James Willson, always willing to help someone when needed, figured he would take a tour of the area and help this pilot with the operation of how the instruments worked and the proper in-flight use of the plane’s controls.
While on the training flight the plane started having mechanical and electrical problems. They found it necessary to make an emergency landing. At the time of the emergency, the pilot landed the plane at the nearest safe landing spot they could see in spite of the heavy ground flog.
Once on the ground, the pilot ran away when he saw police approaching the plane. Mr. Willson, thinking the police were there to help, stayed with the plane. Mr. Willson was in shock when he learned that he was not in Spain . It was at this time that Mr. Willson learned that they had actually landed in Morocco . The police arrested Mr. Willson for illegal entry and drug trafficking. The police reports showed that there were no drugs or money found on Mr. Willson or in the plane or around the area.
We want to bring Mr. James Willson home to his family ALIVE!!!

James is a DIABETIC who has not been able to take his medication. He has lost over 35 pounds since his illegal imprisonment on May 7, 2008, and continues to loss weight. The prison has not had ample supply of food or water. Mr. Willson is malnourished, and dehydrated. Mr. Willson also has other serious health issues. Mainly because of his diabetes and not being able to have proper diabetes medication his health is failing rapidly. Based on his failing health, and not taking his proper diabetes medication his American doctor believes that his body is in very serious trouble.

This is why we need a HUMANITARIAN MEDICAL RESCUE so he can be sent home for proper medical treatment and care by his family doctor.

James Willson will be married for 46 years in October of 2008. He is a loving husband, the best father of two and the greatest grandfather of two. He has always been very supportive and active in his children’s and grandchildren’s lives. He has also made sure that his children and grandchildren succeed in all aspects of their lives. He and his wife have always stressed the importance of a good education. James and his wife are very proud of their love for each other and their family. Together, James and his wife have always made certain that the success of their children and grandchildren was possible. He is a community leader, a religious man and is associated with many organizations. He is an outstanding citizen of the United States of America . He has assisted the United States as a civilian flying special missions in Salisbury , Maryland , and has supported his country every way he could.

Everybody who knows him LOVES HIM VERY MUCH because he is a very knowledgeable, loveable and a very kind person. He’s a very personable man who is always there to help others whenever possible.

WE ARE MAKING A PLEA REQUEST TO ALL!! The Moroccans are holding James Willson an INNOCENT MAN PRISONER in unspeakable conditions. James, while in prison, isn’t being treated per rules and regulations set forth by the Moroccan Government nor by the agreement with the United State of America. Neither the U.S. Embassy in Morocco or the U.S. State Department in Washington D.C. has made sure he was being treated legally and humanely. James had to remain in the same clothes for over a week. No food or safe water was provided at the time of his arrest for several days, also there was no way to maintain personal hygiene.

James would never risk losing his wife, life, family, or friends, they all mean the world to him.

If you feel as we his family and friends do, we beg you to contact all the people we have mentioned on savejameswillson.com web site and anyone else that you feel will and can HELP US.

Please make sure that you go on the James Willson’s web site and e-mail, call, and or fax People You Can Call And Email To Help

Go to savejameswillson.com and save this man from the Moroccon government by contacting goverment officials.Please help save this man.
did u put 2 l’s in willson
bluezone this is not false as a matter of fact it has been making stories and i met the wife and daughter.

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Answer by supersayn53
Mr. wilson has gained quite a name for himself. i appluad you for makeing such a pulltizer prize. nah i’ll wiki his name to see who he is

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