Yes, Willpower Is the Only Way to Beat It, but That DOESN’T Mean Addiction Is Fiction: Doctor’s Response to Peter Hitchens’s TV Showdown With Friends Star Over Drugs

Yes, willpower is the only way to beat it, but that DOESN’T mean addiction is fiction: Doctor’s response to Peter Hitchens’s TV showdown with Friends star over drugs
He was simply doing what he does best: getting up the noses of the … addiction is simply an excuse for lack of willpower, and ‘no more real than Tinkerbell’. Is he right? Well, yes and no. Addiction is a common problem not limited to … drug addiction – Bing News

Fighting addiction
Mr. Sprague, who heads a legislative study committee on prescription-drug addiction, said he resolved to act on the problem after he heard heartbreaking stories from some of his constituents. “It has just devastated families,” he said. drug addiction – Bing News