A Pill to Cure Addiction?

A Pill to Cure Addiction?
It is also triggered by alcohol or drug use because it helps the brain return to a normal state after the heightened sensation of pleasure. But years of heavy drinking or drug taking … Facebook Email Comments 2 Peanuts in Pregnancy May Lower … drug addiction – Bing News

The New York Times is dead wrong about drug addiction
In a two-part series for the New York Times last month, Deborah Sontag wrote about buprenorphine, a medication used (mostly in the form of Suboxone) to treat opiate addiction … her debut album in January 2013. She toured the U.S. in mid … drug addiction – Bing News

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Join us on Friday, Dec. 27 at 10 a.m. when our guest on Record Talk Radio will be my Record colleague Rebecca O’Brien. Rebecca will talk about her three-part series this week which detailed the inroads that the heroin trade … Continue reading ? drug addiction – Bing News