What Are the Odds That a 10 Year Heroin Addict Is Able to Quit Drugs?

Question by laila: What are the odds that a 10 year heroin addict is able to quit drugs?
I met a wonderful guy at a hospital. He wants a serious relationship and i have just split up with my husband of 6 years. I really like him!!! He also told me that the reason for his hospital stay was a 10 year . He is trying to quit. Do you think it is possible? should i even start a relationship based on this info?
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Answer by Anand P
NO! the one good thing drug addicts are good at is manipulation. he’s gonna use you…

Answer by bobbyblackeyes
In all fairness… I think he’s gonna need some time to get used to being straight and readjusting his life! A relationship this early in recovery could be dangerous for him! If something happens between you 2 or Something stresses him or you guys get in a spat… BAM right back he could go! Maybe stay in touch but really… let the guy heal first!

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4 Responses to What Are the Odds That a 10 Year Heroin Addict Is Able to Quit Drugs?

  • Girl Demented. says:

    Thats a hard one! Is this the first time he tried to quit? you could be letting yourself in for a whole lot of heartache in this situation. I know people who do eventually quit but it’s usually after numerous attempts ans ripping any one close to them apart. I would give him 6 months on his own and then re-evaluate the situation. If it’s meant to be it will happen.

  • luma says:

    There is 1 in a million chance he may quit. Heavy drug users don’t just quit they need a hell of alot of help, and that means rehab. He may quit the heroin, but he will most probably take other forms of drugs to get his fix. Trust me I know because I use to work in a reahab. If you want more information on drug users then contack me by email.

  • wendy says:

    Based on the info you give, if you were my daughter i would tell you no.
    He may be wonderful now but it certainly will not last.
    Drug addicts are master liars, you will end up sorry, in many cases the partner also is eventually a drug addict. That is done by the addict to justify their own position and drug taking,once you start, you will be supporting him, what way would be obvious, most drug addicts are also prostitutes.
    You are in a vulnerable position after a break up, give yourself some time before you have a serious relationship. Try and have a bit of single fun first. Not with a drug addict, once out of hospital the chances of him staying clean are low, the temptation will always be there and much stronger than you.

  • Crazy_DIAMOND says:

    Look my answer will be very different than all others, but i strongly advice to think twice before, you listen to the others….Here is my oppinion and explanation…
    I was a heroin addict for long time too, one of the biggest reasons i quit taking it was finding a true love, a person who gave me a bright spot in my terrible junkie life, a person who was there for me when i was drowning in my own missery.
    You see, junkie, or a drug addict , is a human beeing like you like your friends family like everyone, the only difference is that, he or she , needs something to take, so he/she could have normal day just like any other person…I’m not saying that a drug addict is totaly normal person,most of them seal, lie, can be very unpolite, agresive in a moment , but he could became totaly normal just like everyone else , if you give him a try….
    Do you know which part of the drug rehabilitation is the most dificult and very hard to came?I can assure you, (and that is a medical, psychiatrical,sociological fact) that most important and in the same time most difficult decision is to get started, to tell yourself that you truly wana finish with your addiction.To tell your self that you wanna end with the drugs , and start a normal life.That one is called faith in your self.
    That guy was having a turning point in his life, with the fact that he was in hospital , going to get some help for his addiction, you can say that he is half cured.
    I used to have many unsucesful rehabs, but they all came, from others initiate, not from mine, usualy there were my parents, who were using every kind of legal and ilegal way to stom me doing drugs…but they never managed to stop me…When i was on the edge with my addiction, with my nerves, i was feeling depressed and helpless , i made a decision MY OWN DECISION TO STOP WITH HEROIN, i made it and i’m clean now!!!!
    But here was my boyfriend , which i met in the beggining of my rehab, he gave me such a support that i wish other addict could have…So please if you saw something in that boy, if he was honest (and in the case he really was cause he told you his problem straight), you should give him a chance…
    Belive me if you don’t he would be twice hurt, than you would be if he made some mistake..And i also think that you are running in a hard period, spliting with your husband, just like him, leaving some sick habit, that ruined his life, and trying to start over again…
    Put yourself in his position, and think!?How would you feel , if the person with which you were thruly honest with, refuse you because of your wrong past…You shouldn’t look at him as a buy on a rehab, you should look at him, as you would look any other guy…You shouldn’t judge his past, BUT FOLLOW HIS FUTURE.If he doesen’t show any improvements , if he is continuing to go on his old path than leave him immediately .But in my oppinion everybody deserves one chance, even God (no matter if you belive or not) gives everyone a chance.Give him a chance, and give your heart a chance too.
    I can guarantee that he will be very perfect, cause he haven’t been for a long period in his life 🙂
    Please think of this, and do the right thing, GIVE HIM A CHANCE, he is a person like others, he deservse it !!!And finaly i think you will be a great support in his life, maybe you will be the greatest reason, for him to start living normaly, without the need of that evil substance.

    P.S : Sorry for the bad english 🙂