Addiction? Drugs to Christian Help?

Question by a2z_4me: Addiction? Drugs to Christian Help?
Addicts are just so crazy. My friend broke his drug habit and now acts just as crazy with his new found christian life. He wants to start his own church with his new radical friends. Is there any difference from drugs to this? No

Is there anything you can do for someone like this. He is unbearable now as when on drugs.
ok, im not selling him out, he just wants to non stop preach. You can not even slip a dam in without a lecture. He is on a crusade to find out what the errors are of every religion and wants to open arguements with everyone. I would not even be surprized if I found out he was doing animal sacrifice. Yes I am a freind, but this is way out there…

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Answer by dillingere_p
And you are obviously very supportive of him. You said you were his friend. Act more like a true friend, and less of a sell-out. You don’t need to do drugs to go to Hell.

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"Both the central nervous system and the immune system play important roles in creating addiction, but our studies have shown we only need to block the immune response in the brain to prevent cravings for opioid drugs," he said. This is especially good …
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13 Responses to Addiction? Drugs to Christian Help?

  • Kerilyn Knows resurrected says:

    Nope…he has just transferred his high…NOW he is getting his high from God…Is that really that bad??? I think he’s high on life…

  • Quella Bella says:

    I’ve never seen anyone ‘over dose’ on Christ.


  • sybil_the_soothsayer says:

    He has an addictive personality. So no, you can’t do anything for him. He doesn’t know how to live a normal life, besides it wouldn’t be dramatic enough for him anyway.

  • Chronic says:

    He’s just on his pink cloud. It happens to all addicts when they stop using.

  • Antihero says:

    I’ve read that deep prayer stimulates the same pleasure regions of the brain that are stimulated by drugs. So a lot of ex drug addicts turned christian may be replacing one addiction with another, in a way. But getting high on Jesus is definitely better than getting high on drugs. If he is happy being a Jesus freak, I say let him be.

  • Jed says:

    Most of us go through this when we find God. Eventually he will begin to mature, and with it settle down somewhat. Hopefully, he will grow in the knowledge and wisdom that comes from knowing God, and he won’t be militant.
    There’s a verse you might find helpful to know. It says that “Zeal without knowledge is not good.”
    He’ll go off for a while, but hopefully as he learns, he will grow into the calm assurance.
    The drugs could’ve killed him.

  • broken says:

    Oh my, sorry about that! I can’t stand religious fanatics!! Had one in the family, and everyone avoids her now. She’ll call me up and tell me what God told her about me, ha, I wonder what he tells her about herself? hmmm Good luck on that one. hehe

  • Basilia Harmonia says:

    drugs lead most people to destruction, but Christ saves…

  • shermynewstart says:

    You lost me with the animal sacrifice.

  • bob john says:

    Religeon is a lot like drugs, great in moderation, but if used in excess it consumes you and changes you into something disgusting who only cares about it.

  • ISayToMyself says:

    Wonderful. Thank you for posting.?

  • TheBionicle247 says:

    May God bless you all?

  • TheBionicle247 says:

    If anyone is in need for prayer i will pray and trust me, I have been through tough times. Their were times in my life were I felt like there? was no way out, but God has always been there for me. Everyone has been through tough times. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for all he has done. pray for everyone in need of guidance , reassurance , or just in need of comforting of the Lord I love God with all my heart and I shall continue too throughout my life. May G

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