An Open Letter to Boycott in DC

An open letter to boycott in DC

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Glenn Fields recently sent out a letter to those in Washington,DC urging them to boycott doing business with Wells Fargo Bank. Southeast DC resident and returning citizen Wilma Shaw said, "Businesses like Wells Fargo will ruin America.


Psychiatric Research Funds Scarcer, Still Available for Some Disorders

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Since funding from the National Institutes of Health is tight, a new private-funding institute in Washington, DC, might prove of value to psychiatric researchers looking for funding sources. For psychiatric researchers looking for grant money, …
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Bernie Sanders Offers Plan To Cut Prescription Drug Prices

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… treatment is just $ 200 a year. Each patient enrolled in the taxpayer-funded AIDS Drug Assistance Program costs an average of about $ 9400 a year, said Mohammad N. Akhter, director of the Washington, DC, Department of Health, at Tuesday's hearing.
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