SUNRISE: Army Veterans Use Filmmaking as Therapy for PTSD

SUNRISE: Army veterans use filmmaking as therapy for PTSD

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Lawyers are arguing over DNA testing in the case of a District of Columbia man charged with killing a tourist from Colorado and assaulting two others. A lawyer for Michael Davis is objecting to prosecutors' efforts to analyze DNA …
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DC Council votes to limit reach of federal effort aimed at illegal immigration

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But the DC Council on Tuesday quickly voted to limit the program's reach, saying it could discourage immigrants who are crime victims or witnesses from working with police, ultimately making the city less safe. Secure Communities calls for local …
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More than two-thirds arrested in D.C. test positive for drugs

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In 2011, 67.7 percent of arrestees had at least one drug in their system at the time they were booked, a report by the agency's Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring Program found. The District ranked seventh out of the 10 cities studied.
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Boyd 'makes a difference'

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In 2009, she accepted her current position that is under the . Boyd trained in Washington, DC, and often returns to the nation's capital for conferences – “the Feds give you money and they also …
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