Anyone on the Cholesterol Drugs, Vytorin or Zetia?

Question by babyboomer: Anyone on the cholesterol drugs, Vytorin or Zetia?
Front page news today — Study finds the cholesterol-lowering drugs do not slow plaque growth. The news came out of Washington,D.C. It states “whenever you use an ineffective treatment it means you are denying patients effective treatments”.
The companies are under criticism for failing to release the findings sooner. They completed the trial in April 2006 and planned to release the findings by March, 2007. (hard to believe, isn’t it?)
If you are on one of these drugs, are you going to continue taking it? What are you going to do as a result of this news?

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Answer by kimmie
my husband takes vytorin….. i had him stop and we have an appointment scheduled next week to discuss an alternative medication with his doctor.
contact your doctor for advise…. he/she is best to discuss with you

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Washington, DC (USA Today) — While consumers have access to more information about heart disease than ever before, much of it is incorrect or even dangerous, say cardiology experts Marc Gillinov and Steven Nissen of the Cleveland Clinic, …


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14 Responses to Anyone on the Cholesterol Drugs, Vytorin or Zetia?

  • dynamite says:

    Even it does not slow plaque growth does it necessarily translate to not dying from a stroke or heart attack.
    I dont know of any medication that will stop atherosclerosis effectively
    Only lipitor 80-mg has been shown to have some benefit on someone with a stroke. It reduces risk of another event

  • t a says:

    I think the study showed it has no medical benefits and actually increases your risk of heart attack- not just that it doesn’t slow plaque.
    Why don’t they properly test these drugs before they write a million scripts? I mean-what the hell?

    Can you say money making SCAM!

  • mrdanny5 says:


  • VaultCult says:

    @russprake I’m pretty sure these Texans saying it won’t work and it’s a bad? idea aren’t “bleeding heart liberals”. At all. Texan Republicans say this fails because they tried, it failed and it made it worse while costing them a future. Why are you supporting this again? Some imaginary enemies you think you can slap with it?

  • Telc0n says:

    @russprake Your Canada is one of true ignorance and? uneducation, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!!

  • WeAskThePeople says:

    don’t look to government to LEAD.. they are typically cowardly FOLLOWERS.. you must demand the change & RESIST? bad law enforcement… FREE yourself from controls..

  • freedomination2 says:

    @russprake? Statistics Canada has shown crime rates in Canada have continually been decreasing over the last 30 years. So why do we need tougher laws NOW after all these years??? The Government is the greatest threat for liberty. We need less law and more freedoms. You sound like a very hateful unloved power freak. End prohibition now!

  • russprake says:

    Pathetic. makes me want to puke. I say lock em up and never throw away the key. Start young if they screw up and that’s it! Never let em out. I’ll pay my share of taxes. Effen bleeding heart liberals.

    Kudos for Prime Minister Harper who has finally stood up to the crying liberals and now Canada will be safer. ?

  • Mrschantie0 says:

    can? some one please shoot this mutyha ffffer…? really

  • peterpotpie says:

    We have to remember to thank the people who voted for Stephen Harper, because now we’re all paying the? price.

  • bankruptonselling1 says:

    someone explain to me how a conservative mind works? conceit mixed with a blind/deaf? numbness to the world surrounding them?

  • abovetheinfluence555 says:

    ok what the fuck canada. why the fuck did you let this smug cock become our leader? Didn’t any of you see what he looks like? if he was in an action movie, in the last 10 minutes the main character would say something along the lines of “YOUR FIRED” then blow? him up in a fiery explosion

  • mlca1000 says:

    I HATE HARPER!!!! Why are people so? blind to how bad he is for Canada!!!!

  • freedomination2 says:

    Harper is? a Bilderburg. NWO Communist

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