Are There Free Drug Rehab Facilities/programs in Georgia?

Question by holli08: Are there free drug rehab facilities/programs in Georgia?
My dad seems to be addicted to Xanax. He is currently in jail for a couple of things that happened last week after taking 12 Xanax in a day (we believe). I believe that he is probably taking other drugs as well. I don’t know a lot about Xanax abuse, but he goes into these fits of rage and does and says things he would never do in his right mind and then later swears he didn’t do them. We are all very worried about him. He is also epileptic and had 3 seizures about 4 months ago and almost died. He had another seizure while in jail 2 days ago. I really want him to go into a treatment facility, but he has no insurance. His lawyer says that if we can find one that is free that he can get a court order for him to go to it. This whole situation is so stressful.

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Answer by Philip C
i’m not sure about the best one or some place that is no cost – but i would check out the following sites that i listed. if there aren’t some listed, just fill out the contact form and someone will help you from there. they have always been a great help.

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NARCONON of Georgia Drug and Alcohol Rehab Information PART 1 – Narconon of Georgia’s Executive Director Mary Rieser tells about the Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program. PART 1 Narconon offers a non-traditional Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program and Sauna Detoxification. Visit Narconon’s website at


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