Can Anyone Tell Me How I Can Find Addiction Treatment Centers in Freeport, Maine?

Question by ariana 3xt: Can anyone tell me how I can find addiction treatment centers in Freeport, Maine?
My uncle, whom I had always been close to, has gotten himself involved in drugs. He used to be so placid and agreeable, but lately it’s been like I don’t even know him. I can’t talk to him the way I once did before. He just gets violent sometimes. Now he’s asking for my help in trying to find an addiction treatment center for him. I’m glad that he finally wants to get help. Unfortunately, I don’t know how I’m going to find treatment centers. Can anyone help me with this?

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Answer by anyssa id
It’s pretty easy to find addiction treatment centers. Just by doing a search in google, you can find results. However, I did some research myself, so just click on the links below, and those may be able to help you. These have got lists of the addiction treatment centers in the area you have specified.