Cocaine in Washington DC.


Cocaine in Washington DC. – Johnny Delirious wants to help the children of our country stay off drugs. Since 1991 he has been free of cocaine use and all mood altering substances. “Our country is in big trouble” says Johnny He is now convinced that drug use is the central issue and has dedicated his life to help the children avoid the mistakes with drug use especially cocaine that he made.


Synthetic drug use reported to be on dramatic rise nationwide

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Washington, DC — The nation's emergency physicians are seeing an alarming increase in the amount of patients being treated in emergency departments for synthetic (or chemically enhanced) drug use. For example, in 2010, there were a little fewer than …
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Foster City drugmaker pushes HIV preventative pill; AIDS activists urge more

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Hutchison knows well the intense behind-the-scenes lobbying that surrounds drug approval. With a political science degree from the University of California at Berkeley and a law degree from American University in Washington, DC, Hutchison joined Gilead …
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Know anyone that needs help w/ their alcohol/drug abuse probs in Washington, D.C.? There’s a new clinic that can help. – by slinkerwink (slinkerwink)


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