Will Anyone Boycott 2012 the Movie by COLUMBIA Pictures?

Question by Lawrence D: Will anyone boycott 2012 the movie by COLUMBIA pictures?
I almost fell off my chair when I saw the COLUMBIA pictures at the end of the trailer. OMG

Let me be more explicit:
– US government sits in the “District of Columbia”
– Obama went to “Columbia University” (who was that paid for BTW, he was going to Occidental on the other side of the continent b4 he transferred)
– Columbia – home of the drug cartels
– British Columbia – another safe haven for politicians to meet in private (I know, I stayed for 3 months at a resort where they met )
– Columbine – the school which started the modern day terrorist fears
– There is no coincidence that the Olympic games of 2010 will be held in British Columbia, Canada. They have an agenda, they control the world, they use the same names and symbols to communicate with each other and pass on their traditions. And they’re doing a damn good job of making sure you buy into their propaganda.

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Answer by JOHN
I dout it

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Prescription Drug Abuse Victims – A video of young adults who died because of Prescription Drugs. Made this for a class. All pictures taken from The Partnership For a Drug Free America. www.drugfree.org


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