Computers Can Predict Effects of HIV Policies

Computers can predict effects of HIV policies

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In two papers to be presented at the 2012 International AIDS Society Conference in Washington, D.C., Brandon Marshall, assistant professor of epidemiology at Brown University, will unveil a computer program calibrated to model accurately the spread of …
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AP-GfK poll: Almost all Russians see drug abuse as a top problem as Afghan

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FOR STORY POLL DRUG ABUSE IN RUSSIA – This photo dated Thursday, July 5, 2012, showing Nikolai Leonov, a 36-year old resident of a southeastern Moscow suburb, walks with his daughter near the spot where just days earlier the two-year-old found a …
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US official plans bill to aid imprisoned Americans

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — A U.S. congressman involved in efforts to free a New York man who says he's been wrongly jailed in Bolivia, says he will introduce legislation to hold accountable foreign officials violating the due process and human rights of …
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MS-13 – Capitol Killers – Mara Salvatrucha (commonly abbreviated as MS, Mara, and MS-13) is a transnational criminal gang that originated in Los Angeles and has spread to other parts of the United States, Canada, Austrialia, and Central America.[1] The majority of the gang is ethnically composed of Central Americans and active in urban and suburban areas. In the US, the MS-13 specially has a heavy presence in Los Angeles County and the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California; the Washington, DC metropolitan areas of Fairfax County, Virginia, Montgomery County, Maryland, and Prince George’s County, Maryland; Long Island, New York; the Boston, Massachusetts area; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Houston, Texas. There is also a sizable presence of MS-13 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Members of MS distinguish themselves by tattoos covering the body and also often the face, as well as the use of their own sign language. They are notorious for their use of violence and a subcultural moral code that predominantly consists of merciless revenge and cruel retributions. This excessive cruelty of the distinguished members of the “Maras” or “Mareros” earned them a path to be recruited by the Sinaloa Cartel battling against Los Zetas in an ongoing drug war south of the United States border.[2][3][4] Their wide-ranging activities and elevated status has even caught the eye of the FBI and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, who recently initiated wide-scale raids against known and suspected gang members


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