Do Doctors Treat Men and Women Too Equally?

Do doctors treat men and women too equally?

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Still, analyses of how a drug or treatment impacts men and women separately is often inconsistent, says Sabra Klein, an assistant professor of molecular microbiology and immunology at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, who has been …
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US FDA grants orphan drug status to Telik's Telintra for the treatment of

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Telik, Inc., a clinical stage drug development company, has received the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) orphan drug designation for its product candidate, ezatiostat HCL (Telintra), for the treatment of myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS).
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One addiction treatment website that is getting a lot of attention recently is, a new company created to treat people with substance use disorders in New York State. Chat2Recovery, also known as C2R, takes the innovative approach of …
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Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Programs – Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Programs – Helping Greg stay clean (877) 903-2532 Outpatient alcohol treatment programs have helped Greg stay clean for 21 months. “In The Recovery Place’s inpatient and outpatient program, there is always a knowledgeable staff here,” explained Greg. Greg was a heroin addict, dropped out of the school and couldn’t stay employed. He lost his family. “I lost myself,” Greg shared. In TRP’s program Greg was able to share his successes and problems as he moved from residential treatment back into the community. Keeping clients at the center of care is a crucial part of why The Recovery Place outpatient alcohol treatment programs (and drug treatment programs) are so successful. Support is ongoing, and the outpatient alcohol rehab programs gives recovering alcoholics and addicts a chance to live independently without feeling like there isn’t a net if troubles or the fear of relapse come along.