Marijuana Policy and Traditional Liberalism

Marijuana Policy and Traditional Liberalism

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Total legalization would accomplish what you want, education and prevention, and it will at the same time cut into drug cartels profit and help reduce over all drug use taking out the most popular drug out so there's no hook for the drug dealers to use …
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The has a Massive, Crippling Spending Addiction…Or Not

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But hey, let's not a little thing like the facts get in the way of good 'ol GOP flamethrowin' rhetoric. According to Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, America has a “crippling addiction to spending,” and that spending is the crux of …
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Prescription Drugs: Abuse and Addiction-This Could Be YOU! – Just because the drug is prescribed, doesn’t mean it’s not doing any harm! or 972-420-1293


20 Responses to Marijuana Policy and Traditional Liberalism

  • diyautoschool says:

    The last great “FIRST LADY”! After? her it all went down hill….

  • Brandt Cross says:

    a spinal tap costs? anywhere between 3K and 5K $! thats more than i paid for my first car and first truck combined!!!

  • iceman22st says:

    As a prescription drug user, not abuser, you’re right about addiction. With my Multiple Sclerosis, I have extreme leg pain, & the drug I’m on isn’t working anymore. The? next drugs are the Oxy drugs, which can cause depressed breathing. I have asthma so it’s bad for me, & my Doctor won’t give it to me, and I would refuse anyways, next is morphine, I don’t want it. The last resort is Marijuana. That’s NOT going to happen, I refuse. So I search for other safe alternatives. No drug addict here!

  • Philip Hoard says:

    I just thought I would share my exerience. Prior to my wreck I didn’t drink or use any drugs. Hell, I didn’t even take an advil unless I was in severe pain. Prescription painkillers are super addictive and it is easy to head down the road I did…..without even knowing you are doing it. I hope your friend can pull himself out of this? mess.

  • swrnc says:

    you got it! The prolong your life with? drugs so they can make money!!!!

  • swrnc says:

    Then they couldnt’ drive their bentleys and lambo’s.. because guys like you? and me wouldn’t be able to put gas in them anymore.

  • baggd65 says:


  • ziggassedup says:

    If the doctors made us all well? and fit then they’d be out of a job..

  • showmethedammovie says:

    Eye opening? video Pete.

  • MakkeMahoton says:

    Yeah! Best wishes to you and? Leon..

  • ozzstar says:

    Say no? to drugs….. Nancy Reagan told us that.

  • sanchtech says:

    why is their a pill for every ailment known to man or ones they’ve made up, yet people 2 generations ago were fine with no pills? Pill addicts don’t even consider themselves junkies cause society was bought by big? Pharma. It’s sickening seeing how giddy they get when they’re drugged out on pills and how down they are on everything when out of pills. People need to deal with reality instead of running to drug pushing doctor. Yeah I take a pill…vitamins!

  • Dragracer64 says:

    I watched? the same same happen to my Dad, it wasn’t pain killers with him, it was prednisone . He smoked for 50 years developed lung disease, and the the doctors kept him alive with drugs for 15 years. Hard to watch ! I agree with you on how Doctors get rich by shoving as many drugs down their throats as they can. They profit by prolonging suffering, and causing more more problems caused by the drugs they prescribe.

  • swrnc says:

    Thanks to yourself for WAKING UP and? Gettin Er Done!

  • swrnc says:

    AMERICAN HEALTH CARE SUCKS DICK! It’s a pathetic situation? with no solutions.

  • swrnc says:

    no-this is another very close friend of mine.. Most of my friends are senior citizens–they’re the only folks that aint out to fuck in in? the ass, and don’t ask for anything for free…

  • angel hopkins says:

    thank? you

  • swrnc says:

    can’t? argue with a man in pain!!!! He’s in our prayers….

  • mckinzi1 says:

    well Peter Hughes it ain’t the govt makin money. it’s the govt that has to pay…pretty? sure the docs and the pharm companies to screwin everyone…the govt and the patient. and “dollar bill” ??? you couldn’t get an aspirin fer a buck in the horse-pistol. you know the drill…you couldn’t get Minnie treated because you didn’t have insurance and you took it in the ass double because your county doesn’t have a non-profit hospital but then you couldn’t go to PH, etc…prayers, Leon

  • Philip Hoard says:

    You speak the 100% truth. I was in a motor cycle wreck at the drag strip a little over 7 years ago. I was in a shit load of pain and the doctors prescribed none other than Oxycotin. I healed up and got on with my life….or so I thought. When my doctor cut me off. I went to another doctor…then another. Next thing I knew I was buying the shit off the street….I was a junkie. Long story short thanks to God and the love of my friends and family I have been 3 years sober. The shit is? no joke!!!

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