Drug Addiction?

Question by Just Wondering: Drug Addiction?
I am taking a class on Social Problems and we have to do a project on a certain social problem in our society. The topic I chose is drug addiction. I see this as a pretty bad social problem in the united states. I am trying to get some ideas on what causes drug addiction. What makes people want to try drugs. I know a lot of people try drugs out of curiousity or boredom or maybe stress. I don’t know because I do not use drugs. Anyways, any ideas or suggestions or anything please feel free.

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Answer by Joey
I was addicted to cocaine in my early teenagers so I think I can answer some of your questions. Most drug addicts start when they are young, and then cant break the habbit. Most of them start either because their friends are doing it and they think it’s cool, or they are really stressed or depressed and think the drug will make them happier. After that it’s a pretty vicious cycle. Most people that start drugs usually start out with marijuana, but pot is a gateway drug, so people who use it are 50% more likely to start using other drugs such as cocaine, heroin, etc.

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3 Responses to Drug Addiction?

  • aaamoradobrooks says:

    people use drugs to escape reality.
    Their lives are not what they would like them to be so they look to external stimulants to take them away from their real lives. They don’t know themselves very well and they are NOT comfortable in their own skin.

    If you know what some addicts lives were like as children and often as adults – then you might understand why they would want to “self medicate” or escape.

  • Tonia D. says:

    Most people that use drugs have something that they don’t like about them self and the drugs dull the pain.

  • marnzdaz21 says:

    Chemicals are about the only way to escape reality or atleast change your perception of your own reality.

    Some of our own life situations can be unbearable to deal with and escape becomes very appealing.

    And very easy to obtain.

    Once your addicted though the reality of that alone, the reality of the affects it has had on you and yours makes escape even more appealing. a very vicious circle.

    But bottom line……….

    People take drugs because IT FEELS GOOD


    Marrijuanna as a gateway drug…. not in the sense some think.

    People dont neccesarily move from pot searching for the bigger high.

    Mostly its just that they illegal trade introduces you to the people who will affect your decisions your thinking and your justifications.


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