Drug Reform Movement Finds Home With Mexican Activists in Texas

Drug reform movement finds home with Mexican activists in Texas

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The Office of National Drug Control Policy recently said it has committed more than $ 10 billion for drug education and treatment programs, and the Obama administration has unleashed a crackdown on medicinal marijuana dispensaries across …
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Texas prison population shrinks as rehabilitation programs take root

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Ann Richards, a Democrat, shook up the historical punishment culture of Texas prisons by opening new drug-treatment prisons focusing on rehabilitation, has such a dramatic trend emerged, some experts say. Only this time, conservative Republicans are …
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Drug Sentencing Laws: States Work Towards Reform

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Prior to this renovation, Texas demonstrated a radical move in 2003 when <a href="http://www.aclu.org/files/assets/smartreformispossible_web.pdf" target="_hplink">Governor Rick Perry signed into law a bill</a> that mandated probation and drug treatment …
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