For Veterans in Trouble, Different Kind of Court Offers Chance to Turn Lives

For veterans in trouble, different kind of court offers chance to turn lives

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… a drug test. He says he has battled a cocaine addiction since the war. … No drugs." The program, Veterans Treatment Intervention, is something you won't find "downtown" at the regular criminal courthouse. The VA offers these programs — for …
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Safe injection sites a no-brainer

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It is, indeed, about time we start treating drug use and drug addiction for what it is, namely a public health problem. And when evidence-based research shows harm reduction programs, including safe injection sites, are good for public health, everyone …
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War on drugs is far from over

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The charges mostly involved possession or distribution of marijuana and prescription drugs. The arrests were the result of what was called an unprecedented collaboration of state, tribal and local authorities along with the FBI. But the drug problem …
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