Help My Brother Is Tearing Our Family Apart!!!?

Question by Andy: Help my brother is tearing our family apart!!!?
Okay so my brother has been addicted to pain pills for a while now. Lortabs and OCs or pretty much anything he can get his hands on. He has been thrown in jail several times over the past year for stealing and has recently been kicked out of his place where he was living bc he was stealing from his best friends!
He is out of control. He is 20 years old and has no job and nowhere to go. My parents won’t let him come home.. He has no health insurance for rehab.
What do I do?

P.S. We live in Alabama

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Answer by Impatient one
Wow, I’m so sorry– that is a very tough situation. Your parents are right for not enabling him. If they let him come home, he’ll think he can still do drugs and then run home to them. Unfortunately, no one can “make” him better. It’s a decision he has to make on his own. No one can help him unless he tries. Your parents will always love him (and so should you), but you don’t have to support what he’s doing. Have your family get pamphlets from some drug and alcohol rehab places and encourage him to get clean. Then he can go to a 1/2 way house and try to rebuild his life. Good luck!

Answer by Annabell
Not saying your parents are bad parents, I understand why they won’t let him come home, but if they don’t send him to rehab, there is no way out for him. He needs help, and if they don’t help him, he could die. My older brothers friend was addicted to pain pills, and his parents sent him to rehab out in Washington. He would have died if they didn’t step up and help. Parenting never ends, and it sounds like your parents just think it does. Their baby needs help, and they aren’t giving it to him.

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4 Responses to Help My Brother Is Tearing Our Family Apart!!!?

  • luv_my_rats says:

    Don’t bail him out. If he doesn’t seriously want help, you can’t make him stop.

    Your parents are doing the right thing by not being a part in enabling him to get his fix.

    I suggest you attend some AA meetings for family members. I know its not alcohol, but you can learn about addiction and how you as a family member can deal with it. Just apply the principles to his pain pill addiction.

  • Pink08 says:

    Sounds like your parents are fed up with him and are now trying “tough love.” This is not your problem to solve. Your brother is an adult and must learn to do the right thing from now on. He can go to rehab. Public assistance does pay for
    that. He will have to go and sign up with the State.

    One thing for sure, he will not go to rehab unless he wants
    to kick his bad habit of drugs. Try not to feel like it is your problem. It is his responsibility to get better or not.

  • Philip T says:

    Pray for him.

    Until he reaches for help he cannot be helped.

  • Anonymous says:

    If he wants, you can help get into rehab.